Blue Cheese and Pear

Spanish Serrano ham with French blue cheese, slices of pear and sprinkled walnuts in a German sourdough bread (also available without ham)

Schnitzel Bun

Homemade crumbed pork schnitzel on a bed of lettuce and beetroot served in a bun with aioli crème

Pulled Beef

slow cooked cajun beef topped with apple slices, spinach and pickled onions

served in a Turkish flatbread creamed with aioli

Red Peeper meets Pork

Slow cooked pork topped with pickled red pepper and yoghurt in a Turkish flatbread creamed with Ajvar

Chicken Camembert with Cranberry

Slow cooked lemon pepper chicken with camembert

topped with whole cranberry’s mixed in a sweet cranberry balsamic served in a Turkish flatbread

Veggie Delight

Cream cheese and fresh cucumbers finished with a drizzle of chives in traditional German rye bread (Pumpernickel) which is naturally heavy and slightly sweet

Ham and Cheese Croissant

coffe menu.jpg


Hochland Coffee supplies us with excellent coffee and teas. With their rich dark roast sourced from Costa Rica and African highland regions, their coffee is a one-of-a-kind bean in New Zealand. Hailing from our home town of Stuttgart, Germany, Hochland have over 80 years experience in making coffee. If you want to try it for yourself, come in for a cup or pick up one of our bags of pre-ground coffee to brew your own. Beyond coffee, we also have a wide variety of teas, hot chocolates (including white), matcha, chai and more


If you wish to make a reservation for a larger group or private event please either call us on (09) 2189501, email us at or pop into the cafe.

Please also have a look at our menu and pre order your food. So we can be well prepared for you and make sure you have a great experience.